EU AI Vs. The US and China

EU AI Vs. The US and China

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EU experts join hands to challenge the US and China in Artificial Intelligence

More than 2,000 researchers join forces to urge EU to help continent build ‘Google-style’ infrastructure as counterweight to the two leading AI players.

“European artificial intelligence is at a crossroads given the huge investments in the technology in the United States and China,” said the Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe (Claire), which met for the first time in Brussels last week.

The alliance urges the European Commission to implement an AI strategy for the EU as a whole along the lines of the US National AI Research and Development Plan that was released in late 2016, and China’s Next Generation AI Development Plan that was issued the following year.

Some 2,100 AI researchers from 29 countries across the continent have already signed up, according to Philipp Slusallek (inset), scientific director of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and one of Claire’s three initiators.

He said one of the main goals of the collaboration was to nurture AI talent and retain it in Europe.

This could be accomplished by setting up dedicated AI research and development centres throughout the continent, which would provide “Google-scale” infrastructure such as computing power and data centres, he said.

“There is a lot of investment in China and the US into AI. Europe got a little bit lagged behind,” Slusallek said. “[But] Europe has a very strong tradition in AI and was also among the leaders in AI in the past.”

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